_resultofastorm (_resultofastorm) wrote in 321___comatose,

i guess i will finnally fill this out.

Here, get to know me...

Name: heather

Age: 16

Location: mass

Hobbies: i am not really i hobby type of person, but photography, guitar, my friends.

Talents: i am okay ish at picture taking, i write my own songs and play them on guitar & piano.

Music: i am too lazy to list them all, but as of right now my favorites are probably hellogoobye, fall out boy, the starting line, bob marley, & hendrix. but i will pretty much listen to anything that's good.

 Pictures of yourself:

i forget my photobucket password, i'm a loser i know, but i have one in my info.

yup that's it.


oh yeah

and i just got a new journal, so add me if you want.

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